Scope of Supply

Plasma Drilling for operating Geothermal Power Stations, Atomic Power Stations, Waste to Energy Power Plants, Biomass and all other kinds of Power Stations. Manufacturing of Drinking Water and Recycling from radioactive Waste.

New and good operational Gas- and Steam Turbine Power Plants, Waste to Energy Power Plants, Biomass-, Wind, CHP and Solar Power Plants, Hydrogen Cells, Oil Refineries. Turn key Delivery, EPC and O&M.

Plasma Gasifier will convert a wide variety of waste streams into a clean Syngas which can be further altered to create other forms of green Energy.

Latest State of the Art LED Technology for Halls- and Street Lighting.

Mobile Hospitals for quick Installation in critical Areas.

Jatropha, the Wonder Vegetable as Fuel for Aircrafts and producing electrical Power.

Industrial Inspections and Expertise with our Government and Court approved tech. Surveyor.

Spareparts- and Overhauling of Power Plants, especially for Gas- and Steamturbines.

Light Housings build from Dessert Sand for price competitive and quick Installation of complete Housing Areas.

Solar- and Windenergy for the Industry and private Households.

Delivery of Raw Material like Naturalgas, Hydrogen, Ilmenite,Rutile, Biooil and others.

Electro Cars with Solar Panels for driving without tanking up.